2008 Season Football / Cheerleader / Coach & Staff Code of Conduct

1.  Commitment:  In order to have http://https://parisportifmaroc.com/paris-turf-pronostics a successful Minor League Football Franchise, we require all players, cheerleaders, coaches and staff to attend Team functions, events, practices, conditioning, and games.  We expect each player and cheerleader to be in the best physical condition possible when the season arrives.  This not only helps your performance, but also helps eliminate injuries when you are on the field.  The team owners and current members of this squad take this sport very serious, and it is our primary goal to help advance those of you who are interested, to the next level, which is professional football / cheerleading.  It does take a lot of time and energy in order to have a successful organization, and you need to sit down and carefully consider whether you have the time, dedication and desire to be affiliated with the Xtreme.  If you make this commitment, you need to have a dependable means of transportation to all team functions, events, practices, conditioning and games.  DO NOT RELY on always being able to "catch a ride" with another team member!  What happens if that team member doesn't make it through tryouts, or gets cut either before or during the season?  Make certain that you have a dependable mode of transportation available before making this commitment.

2.  Behavior:  You are expected to maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship and professionalism both on and off the field.  This includes, but is not limited to:  

I.  Respecting your coaching staff both on and off the field.  Backtalk, smart aleck comments, complaining about playing time, and showing lack of discipline on the sidelines will NOT BE TOLLERATED, and you will be dismissed immediately!   

II.  Demonstrating a professional attitude and demeanor both on and off the field.  Whether you are attending http://www.https://parisportifmaroc.com/paris-turf-pronostics a team function or event, or when you are out in the general public, you are still a member of the NKY Xtreme, and therefore are expected to demonstrate the highest amount of integrity and professionalism.  WE WILL set a higher standard in the world of Semi-Pro Football, and expect each member of this organization to abide by these standards.

III.  Officials:  YOU WILL NOT argue with any official or question any call made by any official at any time for any reason!!!  If you do not agree with a call that was made, then you are to CALMLY speak to your coach about the call that is in question, and let the coaching staff deal with it. 

IV.  Attitude:  THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!  Each player, cheerleader, coach and staff member is EXPECTED to demonstrate a positive and professional attitude both on and off the field.  If you are the type of person who complains and whines about everything, then don't waste your time or ours because IT WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED AND YOU WILL BE CUT!

V.  Play Time:  The coaching staff spends lots of time each week reviewing film and designing plays.  If you do not get to start or if you do not feel that you are getting ample playing time, understand that it is nothing personal.  We design plays around certain individuals, and we put those individuals in at the spots as we see fit.  This is a TEAM!!!  And, there is no I in team.  If you have an ego problem or are a glory hound, then again this is not for you.  When you complain about playtime, you will be benched.  If it continues, you will be cut.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! 

VI.  Racism, and Sexual Harassment:  Racial comments, or slurs WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED AT ANY TIME!!!  If you are heard using the "N - Word", you will be dismissed immediately!!!  In the same sense, Sexual harassment (whether within or outside of the organization) will not be tolerated, and you will be dismissed immediately.  Depending on the severity of the situation, legal matters can possibly arise!

3.  Preparing for a game:  We expect each player, cheerleader and coach to be prepared both mentally and physically https://www.https://parisportifmaroc.com/paris-turf-pronostics for each game.  Therefore, we ask that on nights before a game, that NO ONE goes out partying or stay out late!  You need to get your rest, eat a good dinner and relax before the game.  This will ensure that everyone is fresh and mentally and physically prepared for the game.  If you chose to go out and party the night before a game, and if the coaching staff finds out about it, you will be benched for that particular game.  If it happens more than once, you will be cut from the team. 

4.  Diet:  You need to be very conscious of what type of foods you are putting into your body, therefore we have numerous dietary guidelines that we can give you to help ensure that you are consuming a nutritious well-balanced diet.

5.  Drug & Tobacco Use:  This organization has a ZERO tolerance substance abuse policy!  If you are caught using (or selling) any illegal drugs, you will be immediately dismissed from the team and we will contact the appropriate authorities.  Again, it is not only your image that is on the line, but the image of the team as well.  Smoking:  If you smoke, we strongly suggest that you stop.  It is virtually impossible to smoke and be able to withstand the conditioning and training that you will be required to do.  You WILL NOT be able to use any tobacco products at any team activity, including team functions, games, practices, conditioning, team night, etc...  Again, we want to ensure that we have a professional image, and strongly suggest that you follow this policy.

6.  Alcohol:  If you consume alcohol, make sure that you do so in moderation.  Consuming excess alcohol before a game or practice will prohibit you from performing at your peak.  Again, if we know that you have been drinking prior to a game or practice, you will be benched and prohibited from playing that game.

7.  Financial Obligations:  There will be NO TRYOUT FEE'S for the 2008 season.  Upon making the team, you will be charged a $155 Player / League Fee.  You will have 30 days MAX to pay this amount.  If this has not been paid within 30 days of the last tryout, you will be dismissed.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  Each cheerleader is required to pay a Player/League Fee.  This cheerleading fee covers all of your equipment needed for the season.  This fee is due 90 days from the date of tryouts.  NO  EXCEPTIONS!  The only additional funds you will be required to pay out of pocket will be for transportation, as well as your food and lodging at away games.

8.  Equipment Provided:  We will provide each player with a home and away jersey, football pants, belt & socks.  You will be required to provide a helmet (black with red face mask), shoulder pads, 7 piece pad set and cleats. You will be responsible for any and all equipment that we provide to you, and will be responsible for turning your equipment back in at the end of the season, or if you quit, get cut, etc...  Failure to do so WILL result in legal action.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!  Cheerleading equipment is covered by the player/league fee and must be turned back in at the end of the season or upon termination or quitting the squad.

9.  Media Release:  Due to the Reality Show, Televised Games, and all press releases, EACH player, cheerleader, coach and staff member will be required to sign a waiver allowing you to be filmed, interviewed, etc...

10. Team "Jumping":  At tryouts, each player, coach and cheerleader is REQUIRED to sign a 1-Year contract that will strictly prohibit you from going to any other Semi-Pro or Minor League Football Team.  This Contract WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!!  Again, it is our goal for you to advance to the next level, and if you have the opportunity to move forward with a professional team or league, we will gladly sign off on your contract and allow you to move forward with your career. 

I know a lot of this may seem harsh to you, but again, we all put time, (away from our families, jobs, hobbies, etc...) money and hard work into this organization, and we EXPECT to have ONLY THE BEST athletes who are willing to make these commitments, affiliated with our organization.

We also work very hard to help advance you to the next level, and if you are serious about taking this to the next level, then we will do everything in our power to make that happen.  We have numerous scouts and agents that we are currently working with, along with numerous colleges that we have connections with.  We personally keep stats on each player, and create a portfolio for those who want to go farther with their football career.  We are also in contact with numerous Arena, CFL and NFL teams out there, and you will see a lot of these people present at our games, practices and functions. 

Please, take this serious and if you are not willing to make these commitments, then again, don't waste your time or ours.  If you decide to move forward, I can promise you that with your dedication and the help of your coaches, we will help develop you into a strong talented athlete.

Thank you,

Xtreme Mgmt.