Mohawk Honor Roll Memorial

 Sunday, November 18th, 1945 the Mohawk Honor Roll Memorial located on the corner of Ravine and McMillan was dedicated to the fine men and women who served their country during World War II. Five hundred and eighty one of our brothers and sisters were on this memorial, men and women who without hesitation or reservation walked away from their lives to ensure the freedoms of the American way of life for the future.

 Today, more than ever, in light of terrorism across the globe, and the threat it poses to us, as well as our men and women in the armed forces, we need to stand together and recognize the services of our military personnel. We are fighting for the same things now that we fought for over fifty years ago. It is my wish that their sacrifice may not be in vain, that we can reminisce back to a simpler time and realize that freedom and justice mean the same thing today as they have meant in the past.

The Mohawk Honor Roll Memorial has seen better days. The brick is starting to falter, and the concrete around the bottom has all chipped away. The worst, however, is that all of the five hundred and eight one names that were on the honor roll have been removed. It is my intention to restore this monument back to its original state. To continue to honor those men and women that served our country in its complete triumph in what was called the “Great War”. But I cannot do this alone, like the men and women that served on that memorial they worked as a team to achieve a great victory.

 I urge you to work with me to accomplish this small goal, which seems so miniscule compared to what they did for us. Let them not be forgotten. Give their descendants a place to see their name and recognize their honor.  If you are willing to join me in this endeavor please contact me at 513-377-2988. Help me return this area to its former glory. Let us not forget why we are here, and who made it possible. 

Any donation that you or your organization feels is appropriate for this cause would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

Mike Kirchgessner                                                                  President                                                                                                                                    Mohawk Memorial Fund                                                                                                                  513-377-2988